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3 Arab boys smiling and looking at the camera.


African girl laughing and happy.

 Image by Anthony Asael


"Every SOUL under the SKY, deserves a chance at a better life"~ That's our mission and our motto.

We firmly believe that every soul and every being matters. There are Billions of beings (people, and animals) worldwide that are in dire need of clean water, food and medical attention. And together we can make a difference, because together we are powerful. We can help those in need get the quality of life they deserve.

With every item purchased from our store, 10% of the price will go to a charity linked to that item.

SOULSKY, supports nine causes; hunger, clean water, education, animals, the environment, cancer, AIDS, breast cancer, and autism. And we have partnered with different charities making an impact around the world to bring about change.

(If your charity of choice isn't reflected in the current collection, it will be by the next one).