Many people struggle to find clothing that helps them look and feel awesome. We’ve created a lifestyle brand full of uniquely designed, casual clothing so everyday people can look amazing, feel great, and chase their dreams in comfort and confidence.

Our Background

SOULSKY is a casual & athleisure wear clothing brand for everyday people who live extraordinary lives. Founder Semhal Nasreddin is an entrepreneur, designer, and most importantly - a proud global citizen, with the vision of turning SOULSKY into a global brand.

About Semhal

Born in Nigeria to Ethiopian/Eritrean parents, and having lived all across the world, (including four years in Tanzania and Ethiopia), taught Semhal a lot about the rich cultures, traditions, people, and landscapes that make the world such an inspiring place. It was there (in East Africa) that SOULSKY was born - when she decided to put her inspiration and design skills into action on original apparel and textiles.

SOULSKY's mission is to create and share clothing that helps people look and feel amazing, so they can pursue their dreams in comfort and with confidence.

Each design, on every product, was created with love and great attention to detail. And it's our greatest hope that you feel that when you purchase one of our items.

Our ultimate goal is to have a fully eco friendly and sustainable brand and we're progressively taking steps in that direction. To learn more about our efforts, click here.

 Thank you for your support.