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3 models wearing SOULSKY t-shirts. A white female wearing a yellow tee with a giraffe, a white guy wearing a red tee with an elephant, and a black guy wearing a black tee with a bird flying on a red background.


SOULSKY was started by me. My name is Semhal and my clothing line is my passion, (born out of my love for graphic design, animals, and travel). I was born in Jos, Nigeria - West Africa, but my family is from East Africa, (Ethiopia and Eritrea). I love traveling and consider myself a global citizen. There's nothing more thrilling and excitingthan exploring a new place you've never been toI've lived in 3 US states, and 6 countries (so far), and I've been inspired by the colors, culture, beauty, and peoplof each place I've been to. A few years ago, I decided to meld all my passions together and SOULSKY was born! :-)

SOULSKY's mission is to inspire people through our clothing and products, and to make them feel good about themselves and the world they live in. Each design, on every product, was created with love and great attention to detail, and it's our greatest hope that you feel some of that when you purchase one of our items.

At SOULSKY we believe in listening to your heart, and following your dreams. We believe in tapping into your passion, trying your best, and never giving up. And above all, we believe in the underdog and the underdog's dreams and capacity to change the world for the better.

One of our core beliefs is giving back to our local and global community. Wcontribute 20% of our sales to two worthy organizations. We donate 10% to Charity Water, whose mission it is to provide clean drinking water to those in developing countries, and 10% to Feeding America, America's biggest domestic hunger-relief organization.

Thank you greatly for your support, and for helping us inspire and empower others.


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